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What it takes to be team Orxa​

At Orxa Energies, we create the bleeding edge of electric vehicle and lithium ion battery technology by hiring and retaining talented and driven engineers.We're building our electric vehicles from the ground-up. This requires intense system and sub-system level engineering. It will be demanding. And if this drives you, then join us!

What you DO >>> What you say you will do
At Orxa Energies, we promise you flat hierarchy, transparency and zero tolerance for politics. But for this to work, you must be uncompromising and relentless in your deliverables. Mere talk and endless meetings do not build unprecedented electric vehicle systems - unrelenting momentum does. For this to work, what you DO, what you actually deliver, will always be more important than what promises you make.
The PRODUCT >>> anyone's ego/ allegiances/ teams
At Orxa, we promise you amazing projects - electric motorcycles that go at 140kmph, lithium ion battery packs that pump 700 Amp currents, high performance aerospace & defence projects. But for this to work, the Product must always be bigger than you, your team or your allegiances. Building unprecedented EV technology takes team effort. We cannot build a motorcycle that goes at 140kmph alone. Each team member relies on the other's results to build on. Together we achieve much more than what we would alone. But for this to work, as team mates, we set aside our egos and other allegiances. Because the Product is bigger than every single one of us.
We do not tolerate A****les - we help each other (reason? refer point2 )
At Orxa, we promise you talented and inspiring bikers as your team mates. We've built a workspace where teams are driven and motivated to push the limits of engineering. But for this to work, we don't tolerate a****les. Don't be one.
Your absolute ownership of your projects & willingness to upskill rapidly (reason? refer point 1)
At Orxa, new tech development and the bleeding edge of what is even possible in electric vehicles is on the table. We cannot build tomorrow's vehicles with yesterday's technology- if you agree with that, then this is the place for you. But for this to work, you need to pull your weight. Your results impact someone else's targets. If you love to have complete ownership of your projects and you're driven every day to learn and upskill fast - then Orxa is the place for you.