Meet the Mantis

Orxa Energies brings to you, the Mantis, the "No Compromise" Electric Motorcycle


Origin to Today

Building a "No Compromise" Electric Motorcycle

We wanted to build an Electric Bike that WE wanted to ride. We looked around and found none. So we set-off to build the Mantis for ourselves!

 Our journey to what Orxa Energies is today has been a complete roller-coaster. Building, testing, and riding our Mantis has taught us a lot! And now, we're working hard to bring the Mantis to you! 


Solving each problem of the EV Ecosystem sequentially

We build no-compromise performance vehicles and we electrify them with battery swap.

When we started building the Mantis, we realized that Batteries are a big problem. So, we decided to offer our Batteries as a product to many others in this ecosystem.

You could say that we’re solving each problem of the EV value chain sequentially; and offering each solution as an offering to our clients.

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Our Ambition

Rapidly Electrify All Transport

We believe Electric Vehicles have the power to change Urban Transport.

We are chasing that balance between beautiful design and breathtaking engineering. And this is the life that we breathe into our Electric Vehicles & our Battery solutions.

We aspire to be the Artist-Engineers who bring these provocative machines to you.

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